5 Timeless Gucci Bags That Are Splurge-worthy

In the recent years, luxury fashion house Gucci has taken the spotlight. With Alessandro Michele at the helm, there seems to be no stopping the continuous success of the beloved luxury brand.

A Gucci bag is ultimately an investment piece to have in one’s wardrobe. Famous for their high-quality and timeless designs, every fashionista wants a Gucci in her bag wardrobe. But with trendy pieces coming out season after season, it can be difficult to choose which bag is right for you.

To help you decide which bag to invest in, we’ve listed 5 Gucci bags that are true definitions of iconic:

GG Marmont

After being first launched in the Gucci Fall/Winter 2016 show, the GG Marmont has since become an ultimate fashion favorite. The much-coveted bag is now also available in different sizes and styles such as totes, crossbody, bucket, and belt bags. Made with matelassé leather and Gucci’s iconic double-G logo hardware, it’s no surprise that everyone has been eyeing this piece since it came out.


Gucci’s Dionysus is said to be inspired by Greek mythology. The bag’s tiger-head hardware was inspired by Greek god Dionysus who crossed river Tigris on a tiger sent by Zeus, as the mythological story goes. With its sliding chain strap, you can wear this piece as a shoulder or crossbody bag. Truly made for goddesses.

Sylvie 1969

Reintroduced in Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection, the Sylvie 1969 originally comes from Gucci’s archives. However, Alessandro Michele does his magic again by removing the web stripe detail in exchange for a more refined chain and buckle. With a sleeker look, the Sylvie 1969 perfectly captures modern vintage.

Horsebit 1955

Another one from Gucci’s archives, the Horsebit 1955 has quickly catapulted itself to It Bag status. As suggested by its name, this piece is a nod to Gucci’s equestrian heritage with its horse bit hardware and Gucci’s iconic double-G logo. It also comes in different sizes and styles such as totes and bucket bags. 

Jackie 1961

The Jackie 1961 was originally called Fifties Constance, but things quickly changed when former first lady Jackie Kennedy was spotted using the bag as a shield from the paparazzi. It has been considered a Gucci staple since. Although reintroduced in 1999 and 2009, the Jackie was once again reintroduced in 2020, but this time made with sleek and smooth leather. As an iconic Gucci silhouette, celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Elle Fanning, and Harry Styles have their own piece. First designed in the 1950s, Gucci’s Jackie 1961 is a true definition of timeless.